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Orton Family Foundation Resource Readiness Assessment

Readiness Assessment

The Readiness Assessment is a self-reflection tool for communities embarking on Heart & Soul®. It can be used to identify opportunities for focus and growth during the early stages of project planning.

Orton Family Foundation Resource Community Heart & Soul® Field Guide

Community Heart & Soul® Field Guide

The Community Heart & Soul Field Guide, and the resources that accompany it, provide useful information and field-tested tips on forming a team, encouraging community volunteerism, getting the word out, and engaging everyone.

Orton Family Foundation Resource Forming Your Heart & Soul Team

Forming Your Heart & Soul Team

If forming a committee sounds, frankly, like a bit of a chore, don't worry. Heart & Soul is anything but the same old thing. This resource helps you form a TEAM instead and guides you in tapping into the skills and passion of your group.

Orton Family Foundation Resource Selecting a Heart & Soul Coordinator

Selecting a Heart & Soul Coordinator

A qualified Project Coordinator is vital to the success of Community Heart & Soul®. The Coordinator must be mindful of more than project management and will do more than coordinate. Here's helpful advice on how to select a Project Coordinator that will make your whole project a success.

Orton Family Foundation Resource Community Network Analysis Tool

Community Network Analysis Tool

Taking an in-depth look at who is in your community and who connects various groups is a key aspect of Community Heart & Soul. This guide to Community Network Analysis helps teams identify missing voices and discover ways to reach and engage them.

Orton Family Foundation Resource Outreach and Communications

Outreach and Communications

Effective communications is an essential element of any Community Heart & Soul project. This resource will guide you through getting the word out about your project to a broad cross-section of the community and keeping the flow of information about the project and activities open, accessible, and transparent.

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