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In the spirit of Community Heart & Soul® we believe that more good can be done for more small cities and towns if we work with organizations that share our mission to build stronger, healthier and more economically vibrant communities. We’ve partnered with foundations and organizations that have local, statewide, and regional reach such as community foundations, state humanities councils, state economic development agencies, and other place-based groups. 

Partnerships support Community Heart & Soul in several ways. Partners have underwritten Community Heart & Soul both throughout projects and beyond. Partners have provided staff trained to assist with Community Heart & Soul and can provide local assistance. Funding has also been provided to support independent coaches working with towns.

Orton Family Foundation provides a wealth of knowledge from decades of development and on the ground field-testing of the model. We have developed trainings along with practical resources and tools to guide practitioners through Community Heart & Soul projects.

Key partnerships

Bringing the Humanities Home

In Community Heart & Soul, the Pennsylvania Humanities Council saw the power in bringing the humanities to bear on community development. Through community engagement that emphasized gathering stories, extracting relevant data, and identifying meaningful patterns, PHC recognized the potential to do transformative work in small cities and towns across Pennsylvania. PHC has provided funding for Heart & Soul projects and devoted staff to coaching them. Click here to read Inside Philanthropy article on the partnership.  

Laurie Zierer

Executive Director, Pennsylvania Humanities Council

“We passionately believe the humanities inspire people to make a difference and come together to advance cultural diversity, economic vibrancy, and an equitable society. With humanities at the heart of planning and development, local values and voices become the foundation for building communities that are connected, innovative, competitive, and strong.”

Nancy Van Milligen

President and CEO, Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque

“Our foundation has been leading effective community engagement since 2005. We believe strongly that local decision-making is key to building strong, sustainable communities. With Orton’s experience and support, we see an opportunity to move our work from good to great.”

Realize the Potential of partnership

There are many ways to work together to ensure Community Heart & Soul provides the
highest and best benefit to towns across the country. We welcome the opportunity to visit
with you about partnership possibilities.

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Become a Catalyst for Transformation with Community Heart & Soul

Become a Catalyst for Transformation with Community Heart & Soul

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