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We've created a series of practical, field tested, tools and templates designed to streamline your efforts and set you up for success as your Community Heart & Soul® project evolves. Links throughout our Community Heart & Soul Field Guide and our Resources send you to appropriate tools and templates. We've also grouped them here by Heart & Soul® phases in which they will be most useful. If you haven't already, we'd suggest getting the Field Guide, which is a free download, so you can see the big picture and get right to work making your community a better place based on what matters most to the people who live there!


Esri Tapestry Segmentation Reference Guide (Phases 1-4) The Esri Tapestry Segmentation Reference Guide describes each of the “LifeMode Groups,” or demographic profiles, referenced throughout the Community Network Analysis Tool. The LifeMode Group descriptions include detailed information about how to reach residents comprising each group. Download the guide.

Demographic Data Collection Ideas (Phases 1-4) Here is a variety of proven ways to collect useful data from participants of your Heart & Soul events to help you track progress in involving everyone. Download the tool.

Demographic Tracking Tool (Phases 1-4) This handy worksheet will help keep you on the right track in matching engagement approaches to target audiences. Download the worksheet.

Demographic Postcard Survey (Phases 1-4) Use this template to print postcards asking key demographic questions of residents. Download the template.

Sample Sign-in Sheet (Phases 2-4) Use this template for your event sign-in sheet so you learn how folks are learning about your efforts. Then you can adjust outreach based on the responses. Download the template.

Many Perspectives from Diverse Voices (Phases 1-3) A comprehensive list of the different sorts of folks from a variety of backgrounds who live in almost every town to get your juices flowing in identifying ALL the people in your town you need to reach. Download the tool.


H&S Milestones Worksheet (Phases 1-4) A super-handy form you can use to track the progress of your Heart & Soul process. Download the worksheet. 

H&S Milestones Worksheet (poster) (Phases 1-4) A super-handy form in POSTER SIZE that you can use to track the progress of your Heart & Soul process, post on a wall at headquarters, and keep the entire Heart & Soul Team up to speed and motivated. Download the worksheet.

H&S Workflow Worksheet (Phases 1-4) A useful form to help you track important tasks—phase by phase—that the team needs to have accomplished; invaluable to strong project management.   Download the worksheet.


Brand Identity Guidelines (Phases 1-4) Requirements and guidelines for using Orton Family Foundation and Community Heart & Soul logos.  Download the tool.

Checkout-line Speech Examples (Phase 1) Examples of  how Community Heart & Soul towns have described their projects in ways that are concise and compelling and can help your team get off the dime.  Download the tool.  

Participant Survey Form (Phases 1-4) A ready-made survey form to put out at every Heart & Soul event for participants to complete so you learn how to reach them, how they heard about you, and more.  Download the survey.   

Communications Plan Basics (Phase 1) A handy checklist of the key ingredients of a strong communications plan to make sure you’re not missing anything.  Download the tool. 

Communications Goals Follow-Through (Phase 1) A sample table to help you track progress on specific communications goals, including check boxes for priority audiences, messenger, budget, timing/phase, and who’s responsible. Download the tool. 

Branding Brainstorm Tips (Phase 1) Questions that will tickle the left side of your brain and help the team think about how best to brand your brand of Community Heart & Soul. Download the tool. 

Working With the Media (Phases 1-4) Build bridges to the media and spread the word about your project. Practical tips on how to pitch stories, write compelling press releases and letters to the editor, and create media packets.  Download the tool.

Website and Social Media Tips (Phase 1) Rules of thumb and best practices for key social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and more, plus a link to more resources. Download the tool. 

Publicity Work Plan (Phases 1-4) Help on how to make your publicity highly effective, which means keeping track of key steps, their timing, and who’s responsible in order to stay on track. Download the work plan. 

Sample Communications Budget (Phase 1) This is only one sample meant to give you a ballpark idea of what you might need to invest for strong, ongoing communications over the duration of your project; it’ll get you thinking, for sure. Download the tool. 

Prioritize Communications Channels (Phases 1-3) A super table your Communications Team will need to determine which communications channels best reach which audiences you’ve determined are most important to reach; an invaluable aid to helping INVOLVE EVERYONE. Download the table. 

FAQ Samples (Phase 1) Frequently Asked Questions samples to help you tailor FAQs for your project. Download the tool. 

H&S Talking Points Sample (Phase 1) Talking points samples that will help your team write informative, helpful messages so residents will understand all about your Heart & Soul efforts. Download the tool. 

Sample Media Release (Phase 1-4) Example of press release showing recommended format for spreading the word to the media via news release. Download the sample.

Graphic Design Tips (Phase 1) Some basic pointers on graphic design to show volunteers the importance of getting it right; a graphic designer in your town will have this and much more at his/her fingertips.  Download the tool. 

Meeting Notes Sample (Phase 1) Keeping thorough, consistent notes (minutes) of your team meetings will make your work transparent to the community and hold team members accountable for what they offer to do; this is just one sample—you’ll find the right level of detail for your team. Download the tool. 

Summary Report Sample  (Phase 1) A colorful, cool info-graphic created by a Heart & Soul town to show all that they had accomplished in getting the word out! Download the tool. 

Public Service Announcement Sample (Phase 1) Listen to this PSA (public service announcement) to get an idea of how these free radio or TV spots can spread the word. Listen to the PSA. 

Launch Party Promotion Plan (Phases 1-2) A table giving soup-to-nuts details on what has to be done, by whom, and when to make sure your big event is, well, BIG!  Download the tool. 

Sample Release Form  (Phase 1) When you interview folks about what they love about your town, you’ll often want to share what they said with others. Signed release (or permission) forms let you do that. Download the tool. 

Change-Over-Time template (Phase 3) This template helps residents understand how their town has changed, how it might keep changing, and how doing business differently—the Heart & Soul way—might steer positive change. Download the template.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Obstacles (SWOO) Analysis (Phase 1) Exercise and worksheet to help assess your community's communications and marketing strengths and weaknesses in order to be strategic about what efforts will result in the most productive engagement. Download the tool. 

Biddeford’s Action Plan scoring sheet (Phases 3-4) The best action plan scoring exercise we’ve yet seen for sorting and priortizing Heart & Soul actions. Download the tool.  

Gardiner’s Heart & Soul Resolution (Phase 3) One town’s city council resolution incorporating Heart & Soul into the way they do business so future decisions are guided by what matters most to all residents.  Download the tool. 

Affordable Housing Guide (Referenced in Heart & Soul Resource, Supporting Homes for AllA useful guide published by the Colorado Department of Local Affairs in 2007. Note that this guide is geared to the laws and policies of Colorado, and that other guides exist. We offer this as one example to peruse so volunteers learn the lay of the land of this complex subject. Download the guide.

Demographic Tracking Tool (Referenced in Heart & Soul Resource, Making Meaning from Qualitative DataThis simple Excel spreadsheet can be helpful in understanding whether participation at events represents the community or neighborhood. Print this spreadsheet and use it during and after events. Download the tool.

Primary and Secondary American Values (Referenced in Heart & Soul Resource, How to Develop Heart & Soul Statements) These so-called primary and secondary values resonate for practically every American, regardless of politics, socio-economics or race. Many such lists have been compiled by various organizations. Our offering this example does not imply that the Orton Family Foundation endorses it. Download the tool.