Community Heart & Soul® Method

The step-by-step framework outlined in this section describes a model Heart & Soul® process using four phases and eleven steps. Each phase is built around specific learning, capacity building or engagement goals, and together they lead to the overall project goals.

Method Infographic

Phase 1

Lay the Groundwork Build your foundation by identifying partners and leaders, spread- ing the word, and developing a road map for a successful Heart & Soul engagement process. More »

Phase 2

Explore Your Community Gather personal stories to identify shared community values and understand how those values are affected by community trends and conditions. More »

Phase 3

Make Decisions Identify options for the future and base decisions on what best enhances and preserves your community’s heart and soul. More »

Phase 4

Take Action Partners commit to action and residents take ownership. Heart & Soul values and principles are applied to future community efforts. More »