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We offer programs and tools that engage diverse groups of residents in collaborative discussions and decision-making driven by what they love most about their town.

Success Stories

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Town of Essex and Village of Essex Junction, Vermont

UPDATE: Essex Town Plan Wins Plan of the Year Award -- Twice!

The Essex, Vermont, Town Plan was 280 pages and mostly text with an occasional chart or graph. Not exactly a page turner.  When it came time to revise the plan, inspired by the town's recently completed Community Heart & Soul...

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Polson, Montana

Polson retains the charm and benefits of a rural Western town, but has not enjoyed the same growth or resort status of neighboring areas. It is a community rich in opportunity and in the strength of its people, but has not thrived economically since the homesteading and timber shipping days of the early to mid-1900s. Residents of...

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Gardiner, Maine

Gardiner, Maine is a little city with big potential. With a historically intact downtown, rich natural and cultural assets, and proximity to the state capital and the Maine Turnpike, the city is well-positioned to create a bright future for its residents and business owners. Local partners are undertaking a visioning process that...


How it works

Community Heart & Soul® is a field-tested approach to community planning and development.  The method is outlined in 11 steps, each with a short list of specific tasks. The steps are organized into four phases that lead to specific milestones, actions, and results.
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Hit the ground running

A deeper look into the practice of Heart & Soul®, with field-tested guides to our signature methods, handy checklists, actual examples and templates from our Heart & Soul towns—even practice scripts for community organizing. Check out all the downloadable resources »