BOOK REVIEW - In Motion: The Experience of Travel

In his book The Experience of Place, the gifted writer Tony Hiss, offered us a new way to look at and appreciate place. In his latest offering, In Motion: The Experience of Travel, he does the same for travel.

Hiss, a Trustee Emeritus of the Foundation, is a truly lyrical writer with an incredible ability to draw information and inspiration from a highly diverse and extensive array of sources, and combine facts and philosophies to advance new insights.

In his new book, Hiss tells us how to reawaken our ability to experience travel and take it from something that, over time, has become familiar and even onerous and return it to an experience of higher awareness and true enjoyment. Developing the concept of Deep Travel, Hiss introduces us to this special type of consciousness. Deep Travel is a “bringer of novelty and the unexpected, a dissolver of boredom, even during an otherwise routine activity, like a trip to the supermarket.”

InMotion_Hiss_300x448.jpgHiss explains: “Deep Travel is an exhilarating state of mind that travel can evoke, when everything seems suddenly fresh, vivid, intensely interesting, and memorable. Because you focus on what you’re looking at and listening to, Deep Travel is like waking up while already awake; things have a way of seeming emphasized, underlined. Travel can sometimes summon this kind of awareness automatically—we can all remember times when the world came alive unexpectedly—but we can also bring it to vibrant life voluntarily.”

Dr. Andrew Weil, commenting on the book says it so well: “IN MOTION is a brilliant, mind-opening book that will change how you see your world. Tony Hiss takes you to places that are both out there and inside your own mind, and offers a strikingly new perspective on such basic questions as ‘What makes us human?’ and “Why do we explore?’ I recommend you read it before you take another step.”

Those interested in Heart & Soul Community Planning will find this book of particular interest. Imagine if we can create places that further the ability of citizens to enter in to a state of Deep Travel? “Each element of a trip needs to contribute to the chance that any trip at all can be an exploration of the unknown and the not-yet-known, that the time involved can be used profitably to help us become more fully ourselves… We urgently need to bring more players into the design process—people who are alive to the larger possibilities of minds in motion.”

Treat yourself to a very special journey by curling up in your favorite chair and discovering the world of Deep Travel.

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